What not to Pack for Study Abroad

Once you have gotten admission to a university, it may lead you to start over-thinking about what you will need whilst you are away. This can be because of the thought that you will be in a foreign country as well as away from your usual comforts. In reality, many of the things that you believe you want to take may not be necessary as these things will actually be available to purchase once you arrive there. Hence, here are a few things you SHOULD NOT pack while planning your studies abroad

Make-up and Toiletries 

Your favourite ointments, shampoos, and creams might be able to provide comfort. However, do not forget that these are often expensive items and many times packaged in glass bottles that are brittle. It is recommended that you pack toiletries for your first few weeks only after which you can buy them there. Most importantly, it is likely you will find exactly the same items in the country you want to study in.


When you travel abroad for studies, the prospect of months without your favourite foods can be daunting. You may wish to pack some of that food into your luggage, but this is a bad idea as many countries do not allow you to bring food items. This may push you into unnecessarily stressful conversations with the customs officials when you land

Many study abroad destinations have a variety of food and it may be useless to carry food from your home country. Hence, it is always advisable to not carry food and search it near the place you will be staying for your further studies. 


The first thing that you should be sure of is to get a good understanding of your chosen destination before deciding which clothes to take. Studying in European and North American countries may require you to take a variety of clothes due to the changing weather conditions. The best way to go about it may be to carry one coat/jacket. More than those will only take up a lot of your available luggage space. Moreover, you can buy additional clothing at a reasonable price once you have arrived at your destination.

Books and DVDs

Even though they can provide long-lasting entertainment, DVDs and books can also take up a large amount of space in your suitcase. Instead, a better way to go about it will be to load your entire book and DVD collection onto your laptop or tablet. This may only limit you by the size of the memory on your computer but you will at least have space in your luggage back. 

Moreover, unless you’ve been instructed to bring books by your university, it would be advised to wait until you arrive in the country. It may be so that there are copies in the university library that you can borrow or the University bookshops may offer them at lower prices.

Irreplaceable Sentimental Items

We will not suggest that you leave all the items that remind you of your home behind but we do suggest that you consider carefully which items you want to take. Sentimental items can be very useful for culture shock and homesickness, but at the same time, it is important that you limit the number of items that you take with you.

Studying abroad may involve a lot of travel whether it is to and fro from your home country and the country you are studying in and whether it is moving between different accommodations each year. This also increases the chances of you losing something as you travel from one place to another. So the simplest advice is to weigh whether having a particular item is worth the risk of you losing it. 

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