Famous Casino Cheats That Don’t Work Now

Cheats or hacks are as old as casinos, and players always find shortcuts to win. However, there were times when these cheats worked, but as the casino industry became digitalized, the old tricks no longer worked for the players – play new games on King Casino.

Let’s take a look at some casino cheats that no longer work.

Slot Machines Cheat

Casinos employ gaming authorities to assist and guarantee a fair and secure gaming environment free of slot machine cheats or codes. Tragically, on occasion, these engineers turned out to be con artists who developed methods to cheat slot machines.

Engineers in the past could essentially rig devices and develop cheat codes to benefit themselves. In most cases, they had a helper who would follow orders and control the equipment.


The majority of modern casino games no longer use metal in their construction. Some con artists in the past used magnets to tamper with slot machine reels. Specifically, they would hold an appeal to the side of the machine in the hopes that it would force the reels to stop winning combinations. 

Under the watchful eyes of pit supervisors and casino security, it was not an easy trick to pull off. Still, some people were able to steal from the casino before being caught. 

Card Swap

This method requires a rusted holdout gadget. Players can use this gadget to keep a card concealed in their sleeves. And if they do it at the right time, they can put it on the table and move and hide cards away from the table.

Many people have been taking advantage of this fact and, as a result, reaping massive financial benefits. Studies show that the gaming business lost millions due to this cheating. On the other hand, if you get detected, you will not only have to spend time in prison due to your theft and fraud, but you will also have to pay a fine. 

The Yo-Yo Cheat

One of the simplest and most effective slot machine tricks is the use of a coin with a special value. A string would be attached to a coin, and players would put through the coin into the machine. The player can re-insert the coin and start playing without further financial risk. 

The Dice Slide

Playing dice without tossing them in the air is called the “Dice Slide.” In this case, the player prefers to slide the dice while keeping the face stationary, using only one face at a time. Or, gamblers can perform the Dice Slide with absolute discretion by using trickery and diversion. If you’re successful at this strategy, you can easily win against the casino and cause it to lose a significant amount of money. Among these methods, this one is one of the most apparent cheats. 

Light Wand

Tommy Glenn Carmichael is a notorious casino con artist. His “light wand” device successfully confused the slot machine’s optical sensors. As a result, it couldn’t issue the right amount of coins. 

Carmichael would use it after every little win, and the machine would dispense an absurd quantity of coins, allowing him to cash out for a tidy sum. 

The Monkey Paw

Even after Carmichael’s light wand quit working, he kept trying. The “monkey paw” was his next innovative idea. To get the machine to dispense coins, he tied a guitar string to a metal rod and jammed it into the slot. That would free up a tonne of money. 

The Preferential Shuffling

Cheaters are taking advantage of portable games that allow shuffling. Preferential shuffling occurs when the deck is shuffled as the count increases, offering an advantage to one player. The opposite is true; as the count decreases, they will keep dealing. In general, cheating entails changing the rules of the game itself, which results in shifts to: 

●     The money you can bet with;

●     How much money is at stake in such a game;

●     Outcomes of the match;

●     The worth of the item being gambled. 

There Is No Solution to Cheating

These cheating methods would never work on today’s machines and online slots. Casino games have advanced significantly from their basic beginnings and thus making it impossible for con artist to accomplish their tricks.

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