Hacking Techniques

Basic Hacking Techniques That You Should Be Aware Of

Have you ever been blackmailed by someone threatening to expose your personal and vital information or other confidential files unless you pay a certain amount? Hackers might use files that are mainly manipulated to destroy your image and reputation. Your life will be an open book. Your darkest secrets and weaknesses will be exposed without your approval, ending your career, job, and interpersonal relationship. This is a total disaster and should be prevented. Other cases of ransomware hacks encode or encrypt your files, which means you cannot access or open your files, and might also be used for criminal acts like cyber theft and cybercrime.  

There are also cases where hackers will steal your brilliant ideas and make them their own. This is usually vulgar in multinational businesses, which are very competitive to be at the top of the competition. They will hack you through emails and other sophisticated social engineering tactics. A weak password, for instance, will give them opportunities, allow full access to a particular file, and eventually steal them. You want to keep your files safe and protected from ransomware attacks and cyber threats. Backblaze is here to offer help on how to prevent ransomware attacks. They can also help you recover from these attacks and make your files more safe and protected. Furthermore, they can also give you more information about these problems, where you will be able to have more knowledge about them and soon become an expert on how to prevent and handle these threats.

To prevent getting hacked, you should know these three basics about how hackers can access your computer.

  1. Phishing Emails

Phishing emails are also known as fraudulent emails. It is a standard method of hacking where they intend to trick you into clicking dangerous links through email or other forms of communication. Phishing emails are the most common method used by hackers because it is simple to implement. Furthermore, this hacking method has cases where criminals will pretend to be a worker from a shop where you just recently made purchases. And send you emails where they will be asking you some questions relating to your bank accounts until they get essential information from you and steal all your money.

Phishing emails can be avoided if you know some basic signs that someone is trying to hack you. These signs are misspelled words, wrong grammar, mismatched email addresses, questionable content or requests, and much more. If you ever notice suspicious emails with these similar signs, then immediately report it and let the higher authorities handle it. You can also immediately stop this corrupt transaction from happening and change your passwords to a more substantial and intricate one for additional protection so that you will never experience such a terrifying nightmare again.

  1. Social Media Pages

Social media can have a variety of uses, like searching for old friends worldwide. Some may be using this site in a good way where they can meet new friends and share some life moments like pictures and videos. They also employ it to communicate effectively with their family and future clients since social media can be used as a marketing platform to promote other businesses’ products and services. Unfortunately, some people also use social media to take advantage of the innocent by stealing their money and vital information through friend requests and messages that lead to cyber threats. Moreover, crooks frequently use this opportunity to mislead, trick, and double-cross likely victims. Next time, think twice and be cautious about accepting new friend requests and opening unknown links to prevent judicious hackers from accessing your important files.

  1. Advert Hijacking

Currently, advertisements are being used to promote a particular business’s products and services. Some ads that look authentic can hide malware and infect your files, and what is more threatening is that they can also take over your computer’s camera to infiltrate and spy on you. These files can end up on websites and look like the real thing. More so, criminals also use advertisements that include malware to hack other people’s computers by infecting them first until they can have complete access to your device. This criminal act is called “advertising hijacking,” but it is also known as “computer hijacking” for some reasons. If accidentally you opened a specific ad that criminals control. They can use this opportunity to own your computer until they can encrypt all your files, and you can no longer have easy access. It is the best advice not to open and check out unfamiliar links or ads if you’re suspicious.


To avoid getting your device hacked, which can also affect your information, files, and significantly more, be mindful of what hackers frequently use to hack someone. These methods include phishing emails, advert hijacking, and social media. To make your device more protected and safe, Backblaze is here to help you. If, for instance, your files have already been hacked, Backblaze can also help you recover them. 

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