In 2022, Here Are a Few Quality Assurance Strategies and Benefits You Should Know

With instant gratification, shorter attention spans, and technology that advances rapidly, it’s no surprise that “quality” is increasingly vital in today’s fast-paced society.

Product development, testing, and Quality Assurance (QA) all play essential roles in the software development life cycle (SDLC).

Despite the complexity of application development, software quality assurance testing is essential to check the bugs in the software before running it under various conditions. However, due to the small budget and lack of skilled resources, hiring experts in quality assurance small and medium Size enterprises encounter numerous challenges for 

Here you will know trending quality assurance strategies and the benefits you may get after implementing those strategies in your organization. 

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What is Software QA Testing?

Quality Assurance Testing is the process of investigating and relieving errors, inconsistencies, and superfluous in newly developed and existing software to deliver a quality product. Moreover, it provides optimal performance under various scenarios by ensuring your product adheres to industry trends.

In contrast, software quality assurance testing consists of priceless assets in modernizing legacy applications. Testing for quality assurance (QA) enables you to determine whether the old and new software codes are compatible, which further helps in eliminating lags. Legacy system modernization comprises auditing and reworking the old code.

Trending Quality Assurance Strategies and their benefits in 2022

Changing customer preferences encourages the quality assurance discipline to evolve for encompasses all business processes and customer experience stages and mitigate the quality irregularities at each stage. Quality assurance is necessary to deliver quality products from software development and manufacturing to health tech and aerospace. As 2022 proceeds, here are some top trends that every organization needs to know to get better growth in the industry.

1. Customer Experience Is At the Forefront.

Previously, product quality, cost-effectiveness, time-to-market, and customer experience were equally important. But in the last two years, customer experience or satisfaction has become the top priority for every organization. Now the primary objective of every organization is to make customers happy to grow in the market. Validation should focus on customer experience attributes such as security, performance, accessibility, user interfaces (UI), and user experience (UX).

Quality assurance specialists must be thoroughly aware of the client’s needs and what the company can offer them to assist firms in thriving in customer experience. For instance, they need to know multiple methodologies to analyze various client services with thousands of testers, including crowd testing, continuous performance monitoring, and cross-device testing. We always pause to reflect, which is a constant in our work. 

2. Quality Assurance Is More Than Just Testing

More interactive formats for customer experience have emerged, which will significantly play a larger role in 2022. For instance, customers can try out products online, and quality assurance professionals can gather and deliver valuable and quantitative test data to the development process. Customer experience centers have also transitioned to the digital world. Testing becomes quality orchestration across the business and technology lifecycle as quality assurance evolves in newer forms of software development and consumption processes.

As a result, the quality assurance activities are conducted to verify both the functional and non-functional components of the systems, and it is also anticipated that it serves quality for the business processes. The actions of quality assurance are elevated from technology assurance to business assurance and, ultimately, brand assurance. Hence, now the testing has shifted to quality assurance.

3. Prioritize AI and Machine Learning

In 2022, quality assurance demands knowledge in a variety of fields, including blockchain,  machine learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI). A complete understanding of these areas is necessary to apply quality assurance procedures.

Test automation using AI and ML algorithms is beginning to reach maturity. Test optimization, AI-based UI testing, and API testing are some applications of AI. The continuous use of AI in testing and the establishment of standards for AI-based test automation procedures will take place in 2022.

4. Boundaries Between Industries Have Been Merged

In 2022, the boundaries between industries are merging. While one industry innovates something new, others are influenced by their innovation. It can be observed in the e-commerce and finance industries and the health and insurance sectors. 

We can infer the merging of boundaries in many industries like e-commerce. Technology adoption enhances customer experience across industries and results in more streamlined business operations.


In 2022, the quality solution has moved beyond simply testing to the bigger task, such as confirming the technical work. Quality assurance experts must have a strong knowledge of technology and methodologies for addressing quality for a good customer experience. 

Nowadays, testing involves more than just functionality. With Trigent, you can ensure that every single point of contact for your clients will be extraordinary.


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