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How to Create an Online Course: a complete guide

With the advancements in science and technology, leaving behind the conventional methods of education, online teaching is spreading at a faster rate. With the better flexibility, convenience, comfort, and better opportunities provided, educators and learners are switching to online modes of imparting and receiving education respectively. For how to create an online course on the online courses platform, following the right strategies is important. Let us discuss the effective tips that educators can follow for online course creation, selling to the students, and ensuring professional success. 

Steps to create an online course 

1. Chose a proper course topic 

To create an online course, the foremost important step is to choose a course topic. The way we go to schools, and colleges for a particular course and subjects, the same way, online courses need to be created on a particular topic and subjects only. There are several options that teachers can select.

 You have done specialization and higher degrees in any academic field, you can choose it as a course topic. You should select a course topic in which you can teach effectively. Because effective teaching holds utmost importance. Don’t select anything in which you can’t give your hundred percent as it will affect students’ learning and your professional growth. Go for something you are passionate, interested in, and effective about. 

2. Make sure that the course topic is demanding for students 

What is the point of creating a course that is not in demand? When your course topic is not beneficial or important for the academic and professional growth of students, no one will be interested to buy it. Therefore, make sure to choose a course topic that is currently in demand. 

Conduct surveys, and research over the internet, to find what courses students want to pursue at present. For example, for higher learning students, personality development courses, English speaking courses, and computer application courses are high in demand currently. 

3. Research and plan well 

After selecting the suitable course topic, the next step is researching and planning. See what all subjects and lessons need to be covered in the course. If you can’t teach the selected course topic, you have to search and hire a fellow instructor too. Plan well, decide your budget and start collecting all the necessary resources. This will help you regarding how to sell  courses online  effectively. Start working to make effective study material for students. 

4. Work for course content 

After deciding the course topic and doing the necessary research, the next important step is to build the course content. What you will be using for teaching, and delivering to your students for learning, course study, and exam preparation, respectively is known as course content. See what all the academic subjects included and start building content on it. Using online teaching apps and sites, teachers can collect and combine a variety of audio-visual tools and technical learning aids. 

  • Work in smaller portions every day: course creation is a time-consuming process. You won’t be able to make all the audio and video lectures in one go, so make sure that you work in smaller portions every day. Fragmented working is easy and effective for all. 
  • Keep it short and to the point: listening to the audio and videos for a long time is not engaging for any student. To make appropriate study material for students, make sure it is short, and to the point. The reading PDFs and answers which you make should also maintain a tight word limit. Lengthy lectures become boring. 

Promotion and sales 

After creating the online course comes the promotion part. Only the creation part is not enough. To reach out to students and buyers, the promotion part is very important.  Follow the right techniques for promoting your online course and later getting high sales, enrollments, and profits. 

  • Advertisement: for promotion, advertisement is the best way. Other than the conventional methods such as card printing, newspaper advertisement, and pamphlets distribution, go for social media advertising. Make your account on different social media platforms to reach out to the public and make them aware of your course. 
  • Make your website: another way to promote and sell your online courses is by developing your website. Here you can sell your online course, but the admission details, contact numbers, and more. 


In the digital world we are living in, online education is reaching greater heights of success. By following the above-mentioned tips, educators can create an effective online course for the students. This will help them to impart students with the best academic services and ensure success. 

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