The MS Outlook Application Isn’t Opening? How Can You Launch the Application in Safe Mode?

Many companies in the world use MS Outlook for their email handing purposes. As a result, many helpdesk managers consider MS Outlook as the best email client platform in the business world. However, the MS Outlook is not about sunshine and rainbows. Many users face different types of problems regarding MS Outlook that prevent them from accessing or opening the email contents as well as attachments. In this article, we will discuss some approaches that will help you troubleshoot MS Outlook if the application refuses to open. 

Problem: Outlook Not Opening, No Error Message 

In such cases, when users try to access the MS Outlook application, it attempts to run as administrator but then immediately crashes or closes. Here are a couple of reasons behind this problem. 

Cause: The Desktop Installation Process of MS Outlook Is Corrupted 

The improper installation of the MS Outlook desktop is one of the most common causes behind this problem. In such situations, you need to launch MS Outlook in safe mode. Click on the Search panel and then type ‘Outlook.exe/Safe’ and press Enter. This way you can load the MS Outlook without any other extra customization features or Add-ins that are installed by default. If your MS Outlook application operated smoothly in safe mode, the problem is likely to be associated with your desktop customization files or add-ins. 

You also need to repair the Outlook desktop client. Visit Start > Control Panel > Programs > Features and Programs. After that, choose the Office package that you want to repair. Choose Online Repair or Quick Repair as per your preferences. You also need to repair your MS Outlook profile, which can be done from the Account Settings. 

Cause: Add-ins preventing the MS Outlook Application from Opening 

Some specific types of MS Outlook add-ins can cause various Outlook problems such as providing warning messages or making the Outlook freeze or trigger. However, you can troubleshoot this problem with some easy steps. C

Consider checking the pre-installed add-ins in your MS Outlook application. Select Options from the File menu at the top left corner. After you find the Add-ins option, visit COM Add-ins and click on Go. Remove all the add-in checkboxes. After that, click on Add. Consider restarting your system and repeating the process until you find the troublesome add-in. 

Cause: Another Program is Preventing MS Outlook from Operating 

You need to perform a selective start-up so that you can determine whether another program is conflicting with the functionality of the MS Outlook. When you launch Windows normally, various services and applications will also start automatically whether you gave them permission or not. They will keep running in the background and they might interfere with MS Outlook. In such cases, you need to choose the option ‘clean boot’ so that you can identify the applications that are conflicting with MS Outlook. 

If you use the System Configuration and Selective Startup option, you can individually close the services and applications that are running in the background to determine which application is the primary cause behind the problem. When the Checkbox is cleared, the startup or service won’t load unless you restart your system. 

Visit Control Panel and choose the option System and Security, and then Administrative Tools, and then double click on System Configuration. After that, you need to restart your system. If the same problem occurs after restarting, make sure you use the best outlook repair tool. 

Problem: Cannot Connect to MS Outlook 

If you’re facing this problem, there are a couple of reasons behind this. But we will only discuss the primary problem to solve this will help you connect again with your MS Outlook application. 

Cause: No Internet Connection or Problems with Internet Connectivity 

Make sure you verify the PAC or Proxy Auto Configuration. This is because not all networks as built on the same system. The PAC setup will help you define how the different web browsers as well as other user agents can automatically choose the best proxy server that is assigned to them. As per Fortinet, proxy server is a router that works as a gateway between the internet and the users. Therefore, the PAC configuration is one of the most important network checks that will help you ensure that you’re complying with the proper corporate network as well as other configurations and policies. 

Open the Pre-installed Internet Explorer application. Open Tools > Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings > Settings > verify the PAC configuration. Consider checking whether your network infrastructure is dependent on the proxy server. If everything is operating smoothly, make sure you try to open the Internet page to check whether the internet connection is working or not. If you fail to connect to the internet, you should open another network resource. If you’re unable to open the network resource, there might be a problem associated with your Network interface or Network cable. 


This is how you can solve different problems of the MS Outlook platform easily. We hope you found this article informative and helpful. If you have any other questions, make sure you let us know. 

Anshu Dev

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