Chic Outfit Ideas That Will Complement Your Western Hats – Your Guide to Walk in Style

Even though women used to wear hats during the yesteryears, hats have always been associated with men. It’s because for a long-time hat got worn as a practical accessory to secure the head from the sun’s rays. And since men used to be the bread earners, they had to stay out of their house for long hours. Hence, a hat used to be a companion for a man more than a woman. However, there were moments when women of a higher social strata wore a hat that would mark their status. 

Today, the hat-wearing scene has undergone a change. Women not only love to wear hats; they want to experiment with it. The reason for this is that today there are several hat options available. The designers and the hat makers are taking inspiration from the earlier hat styles and coming up with stylish variants. 

For instance, if you look at the western hats, you will find that today the hat makers are experimenting with their looks and are using various fabrics to make these hats. Previously, a western hat used to be only available in leather or any other heavy material. Today, designers are using fabrics like canvas, straw, and felt to make womens western hats. In fact, if you scan the fashion scene, you will find that this hat trend has made a comeback. But the challenge is how to style this hat. 

Do you resonate with this question? If yes, here are a few style ideas that you can opt-in for to create a stylish look with your collection of western hats. 

  1. Denims are an obvious choice

If you don’t like excess experimentation and want to stick to the basics, then you should wear your western hat with denim. You can choose the type of denim. For instance, you can select a denim knee-length dress or a long dress. If you prefer wearing short dresses, you can choose a short denim shift dress. The other idea is to wear a denim tunic with white or black tights and wear this hat. Women who love to wear trousers can choose boot-cut denim trousers or slim-fit jeans to complete the look with this hat. In jeans, short skirts and shorts are also a great option to sport with a western style hat. 

  1. Formal dressing also works

If you browse through the style magazines and Instagram posts, you will find that women are wearing cowboy and western hats with their formal attires. Even if your office doesn’t permit this dress code, you have the chance to wear it elsewhere. For instance, if you have a family gathering or a corporate dinner party, you can wear a tight black dress and pair it up with a western hat. Since western hats carry a specific gravity, make sure that you don’t overdo your look for your makeup or accessories. If you want to wear jewelry, make sure that you wear only one statement accessory, like a crystal pendant or a mocktail ring. When it comes to your makeup, use a light base and light on your blush, bronzer, and eye makeup. That way, you have space for sporting dark lipstick and carrying a scarf with you. 

  1. Summer cotton dresses

If you love to dress light and move around easily, you can opt-in for the summer dress and pair it with a western hat. Some of the best combinations are a pastel shade maxi dress, a dark-colored western hat, a cotton midi dress, and a denim western hat. Cotton is lightweight and can enable you to breathe easily even when you use other elements of style in it. Hence, with a white cotton dress with puffed sleeves and a round neck, you can opt for a leather western hat that will look classy and unique. If you want, you can also choose a cotton A-line dress in a pastel shade and prefer a straw western hat in a dark shade and flaunt a stylish summer look. The hat will not just elevate your style statement but will also secure your head from the heat. 

  1. Wear it with baggy pants

Western hats carry a tight silhouette! It means if you wear a western hat, people will take you seriously. So, if you wish to add a contrast to the essence of the hat, you can opt-in for baggy pants. It will add a new layer to the authentic Western dressing style and make you stand out in the crowd. But make sure that you choose the correct hat size that will stay on your head and not fall out. 

Styling the western hat isn’t challenging! All you need is the correct styling guide that will enable you to make the right style choices and look your best. 

Anshu Dev

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