Keine is an excellent Hard attack assist, offering loads of Yang DEF team-wide. In addition, and because of her personal scaling, Keine’s general damage with out a lot external Yang ATK help matches that of another S Tier contenders. They are very highly effective and efficient and have the potential to hold video games. Characters are ranked as ‘S’, ‘S-‘, ‘A+’, and ‘A’ within the aggressive setting around ,acys.com Guilty Gear Xrd, for example, with ‘S tiers’ being very powerful and ‘A tiers’ being less so. Players can make their tiers with their favourite characters or view a few of the pre-made ones from the Genshin Impact neighborhood for suggestions. If you click on on it, you’ll find a way to change the color of the tier label, add rows, delete the row, or remove all of the characters at present within the row.

While her utility will not be the best for many characters to take advantage of, the other features of her package compensate for this draw back and help make her useful in nearly any piece of challenging content. Tewi Inaba is an especially highly effective DEF Down help, with a strong nuke of a last word to boot. She requires a bit of a cautious hand to get the maximum worth out of her although, as a lot of her utility comes from abilities, which should be rigorously used for optimum worth. Additionally, whilst she excels at one boss occasion farms, in addition to enabling some primary story boss farms, she will battle with two or three boss stages.

Alternatively, copy the code under to share an editable version of your tierlist. Paste a code into the box below and click on on “Run code” to load one other tier list. You can click and drag characters into the listing or double-click to instantly transfer them to the highest tier. Hiding a recreation will take away each character from that recreation out of your tierlist! If no characters are loaded here, select a sport by clicking the “Change recreation” button above. Thanks to @Double_FGC on Twitter for the photographs of support characters.

Her Last Word is exceptionally inaccurate and thus requires heavy Accuracy Up assist, her Break potential may be very lacking, and her support is simply in opposition to a single goal. Additionally, she’s fully unsuited to farming by herself, as even when Solo pleasant levels show up again, Flandre’s extraordinarily poor Accuracy means she’ll at all times have consistency points. However, hold these caveats in mind, provide her with the assist she wants, and she will be able to do some devastating injury in harder fights. Unfortunately her Sun and Moon component assaults are both single target, and the considerably awkward distribution of her components means it could take her a few turns and/or heavy quantities of Power assist to perform those breaks. Her injury output can additionally be comparatively missing, with little group assist exterior of elements.

Rumia’s a Solo concentrating on nuker with some assist for teammates who benefit from Blind Barriers being utilized to them. Otherwise, she hits single targets onerous, and brings some Breaks alongside the means in which. Shou’s a selfish attacker with P0 Sun and a Pagoda Tank right here to blast at your enemies. She’s not a brilliant nice All farmer, though she could be a good Solo farmer on some one- boss stages as a outcome of her Human killer. Where she shines is harder fights, bringing a strong backloaded Last Word to the desk. Packing Yin & CRIT DEF DOWN support, a ton of harm herself, and a few solid Break potential, Koakuma’s name may mean Little Devil, however she’s truly extraordinarily robust.

She also comes with a 0P Fire break on her focus shot and a decent quantity of different Fire breaks to make her a good addition to a group. A strong Solo focusing on burst nuker, the Crown Prince additionally brings a strong amount of Breaks to the desk, alongside All targeting P0 Sun on a Basic Shot, and a few Accuracy help. Outside of that although her different major group help, that being some Yin ATK UP on a Spell Card, is only really helpful in the Arena , and she or he can’t hit fairly as onerous as the top tier nukers. Youmu Konpaku has one job – hit very hard along with her All Last Word. Her entry to elemental attacks is common at greatest, however she hits tremendous exhausting and she has access to the potent DEF DOWN in each Yin and Yang flavors.

Also, understand that weapons that are unique to the care packages will all the time be really strong in comparison with different weapons. The best of the healers at launch, Sanae Kochiya’s major selling level is Barrier restoration on a talent. It’s only 1 barrier with a 50% likelihood of one other 1, and on a 8 flip cooldown, however it being on a talent means it doesn’t eat a turn to use. Her healing is also simply better than the opposite healers, with access to 2 healing abilities.

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