Astronomy Midterm 1 5 Flashcards

Currently, the largest optical telescope mirrors have a diameter of A) 100 m. C. Radio astronomy is a a lot much less sophisticated science than optical astronomy. The effervescent and boiling of gases on the surfaces of stars.

D) It is the floor of the lens on the eyepiece, by way of which you would look to see objects in the telescope’s field of view. B) They are all the time displayed with the very best possible angular decision. C) They are always helpful for seeing through issues. E) They are always displayed with north pointing upward within the photographs. Which of the following statements best describes the two principal advantages of telescopes over eyes?

D. It permits several small telescopes to work together like a single larger telescope. Rapid changes in the brightnesses and colours of stars caused by changes of their spectra. C. The radio waves from the radio station have a wavelength of ninety seven million meters. It is an electronic detector that can be utilized rather than photographic movie for making photographs.

C) CCDs can document the colours of astronomical objects precisely while film can not. D) CCDs could be attached to trendy telescopes extra easily than can photographic movie. Why do astronomers want different telescope designs to look at across the electromagnetic spectrum? A) New telescopes incorporate new know-how what routing metric affects a path’s potential performance due to delay? to increase their efficiency. B) Telescopes need to adapt to the greater distortion of the ambiance at shorter wavelengths. C) Photons of various energy behave differently and require totally different assortment strategies.

Suppose the angular separation of two stars is smaller than the angular resolution of your eyes. A) You won’t be able to see these two stars in any respect. B) The two stars will appear to be a single level of light. C) The two stars will appear to be touching, wanting rather like a small dumbbell.

B) It allows two or extra telescopes to obtain the angular decision of a single telescope much larger than any of the person telescopes. C) It allows us to discover out the chemical composition of stars. D) It permits astronomers to make astronomical observations without interference from light pollution. E) It permits the same telescope to make images with both radio waves and visible mild. B) It permits us to determine the chemical composition of stars.

D) Photons of different energy behave in a special way and require totally different assortment strategies. E) New telescopes incorporate new technology to extend their effectivity. The stars in our sky twinkle in brightness and colour because of A) turbulence in the Earth’s ambiance. B) speedy changes in the brightnesses and colors of stars brought on by changes of their spectra. D) the bubbling and boiling of gases on the surfaces of stars.

T/f Improvements in technology will finally allow the entire electromagnetic spectrum to be noticed from excessive mountaintop observatories. If we wish to confirm that a star’s brightness alternately dims and brightens, we’d like ______________ observations of the star. The mild from the 2 stars shall be blended together in order that they seem like one star. If we observe one edge of a planet to be redshifted and the other edge to be blueshifted, what can we conclude about the planet? A) The planet is in the means of formation. C) The planet is in the strategy of falling apart.

D) It is a unit utilized by astronomers to measure angular resolution. A) If you strive to look at a picture that’s not shaped at the focal aircraft, it goes to be blurry. B) The focal plane of a reflecting telescope is always situated inside a quantity of inches of the first mirror. C) In a healthy eye, light is targeted on the retina. D) Film must be positioned on the focal airplane in a camera. D. Radio wavelengths are a lot bigger than seen light wavelengths, thus tolerances for optical surfaces are a lot less extreme.

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