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This is a very sweet episode from Virginia Tech Football. It has the best line of the night, “We play for the fans, for the fans, for the fans, for the fans.

The entire episode feels like a perfect encapsulation of the season, with the entire game ending on a perfect line that you wouldn’t even notice, and the last play being one of the funniest in college football history.

So, this is probably the last episode of Virginia Tech football before the season is officially over. The next season is already in the works, and I’m sure they’ll be doing the exact same thing.

Speaking of Virginia Tech football, the entire game was basically a montage of every play, especially the game winning drive. But I can’t help but think that the final play of the game, the last ten seconds of it, was the most beautiful play in the history of college football.

This is a pretty easy one to answer, but I will say it anyway: Virginia Tech has never been one of those programs that has been perfect. Even on special occasions, they will do things that seem like they’re cheating. This is a great example of this. In the end, Virginia Tech scored a touchdown, got a new recruit, and ended up with the #1 national seed in the BCS.

As they say, it is easy to make excuses. However, Virginia Tech has had a few of these in recent history. In 1995, the Hokies went to the Rose Bowl, and in 1997 they had their own national title. In 1998, they went to the Rose Bowl again. In 2003, they were the national champions. In 2006, they were the national champions. In 2008, they were the national champions again. In 2009, they were the national champions again.

That’s right, Virginia Tech. In 2014, they were the national champions again. In 2015, they were the national champions again. In 2016, they will be the national champions again. And in 2017, they will be the national champions again.

Virginia Tech fans are pretty jaded right now, but I’m not buying it. The first two years they were the national champions, they were a pretty darn good team. They won nine out of the ten games they played in. They won the biggest game of the weekend, but if you look carefully at the schedule, they didn’t play in the Big Game. They had their best game of the season against Virginia and then a game against Washington State.

That was the biggest game of the season. They had a close one against Virginia Tech but were ultimately beaten by the Hokies. They probably would have beaten them in the Big Game if they had been playing in the ACC.

The ACC has a long history of not playing their first game after preseason, which is understandable. They have been historically bad at first games. The worst of them all was a 13-6 drubbing at Syracuse in 1983-84. Since then they have gone 0-13. After the ACC has won only a single contest in 2012-13, their first game is a big deal.


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