notre dame vs virginia tech basketball

I’ve been watching the Notre Dame-Virginia Tech game live on the internet, and I think I’ve come to a conclusion: Virginia Tech is the better basketball team. Although I’m not on the bandwagon, I do like Tech. The only difference is that I don’t like Virginia Tech. I don’t think they are as good as Notre Dame.

It’s not like they are the better basketball team. If you look up every game in the series and you come to the conclusion the better basketball team is the one that is doing the best they can. I think that’s probably what you’re thinking.

I just think that Tech has a better roster. I mean they have better talent and better players. They have better coaching, better facilities, better practices, better academics, better student support. They have better athletes. Tech also has a better culture, a better atmosphere, a better community. The fact that they are the one better team on their own is probably a good thing.

I love Tech basketball, but I love Tech even more. This year they defeated Notre Dame in the NCAA finals. Tech is a great basketball school, and a great basketball school has a great fan base. I don’t care what the media says. I am a Tech fan.

A great basketball fan also has a great support base. That is why a basketball school with a great basketball fan base can get so good. In the year 2000, the Tech basketball team went undefeated at home, won the ACC crown, and made the NCAA semifinals. The Tech fan base is so large and so strong that they won all of their conference titles that year. The NCAA tournament is always a huge deal for most schools with a great fan base.

To be fair, the Tech fans are pretty vocal about their love of basketball. This can be a good thing if you’re a Tech fan. If you don’t like shooting baskets and shooting free throws, it’s even better. Tech’s team was one of the best in the nation in the early 2000s, and they put on great basketball. But, they also played very well at Duke, and that was a team that was far better than the Tech team.

The team that made the tournament was not the one that won that year. They were a very good team. But they were a very, very good team. Their best player was a 6ft 7 tall freshman named John Thompson, who was pretty good at his size. But, he was a lot more of a threat going forward.

The Tech team made it to the tournament because they had the best player in the tournament. A 6ft 7 player named John Thompson was the best player on the Tech team. But, he was a bit of a liability in the paint. He had a bad leg after his freshman year, and he was just not physical enough to get to the rim and score points. He was a guy who could shoot the ball, but he was not a great finisher.

The Tech guys made it to the tournament mainly because they had the best player, but also because they recruited and signed several high-level players who have no business playing basketball. However, it didn’t take long after the tournament for Virginia Tech to beat Notre Dame in the tournament. While the Tech guys may not have been the best players, they were also not the worst, which was what was really needed in the tournament.

I’ve always thought of these Tech basketball players as a band of misfits. Not exactly the best team, nor the worst, but just the kind of team that can’t win a championship. While they have lost one tournament after another, the rest of the time they’ve won against the more established teams. In the end, it seems like these Tech players just want to be noticed, and that’s definitely not what the Tech guys want to be doing.


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