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We recently talked with an MSD tech support rep and he shared a common phrase when people are having issues. It is, “I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.” The problem isn’t really an issue, it is actually the way we talk about the problem. Everyone has an opinion and it is their opinion, and the point of disagreement is usually over what the individual feels is the most common cause of the issue.

If you want to give someone a reason to take that sort of stance, then that’s great, it lets me know that, but if you want to give someone a reason to take that sort of stance then you need to take a look at what the individual is doing.

The thing is, if you are going to tell me “its because I’m on a bad mood,” and then I am going to take away all of your right to be a jerk to me, you are going to end up with a situation where you are the one being a jerk to me.

This is why all of the bad language in the world isn’t going to help. By saying something to me, I am basically telling you that I don’t like you. Because if I am going to tell you that I dislike you, I have to actually like you.

Microsoft is a company that sells tools to people who are actually trying to make money off of their own products. This is a completely different situation. A lot of people are doing something that is totally selfish to them. They are just trying to figure out what they can do to help a person who has no idea what they are doing.

As an example of a tech support person, I have no problem with you telling me that you have no idea what I am doing. That way I can feel good about myself. But I can’t feel good if I can’t even see what I am doing.

It’s true that plenty of people don’t really know how to help a person (or a small group of people) in the least. But we need to talk more about what a tech support person is supposed to do. I think the first answer is to be like our own tech support person, and tell me what I am doing wrong.

Tech support is a profession in the tech industry that involves helping people with computers and software problems. The majority of tech support is given by computer professionals. I do not want you to be like our own tech support person and tell me what I am doing wrong. Instead I want you to be like your own tech support person and tell me about the problem.

This might sound like a lot of people here, but I have some great advice for you here. First, don’t give any information to people who have computers or software problems. A computer problem is a problem that has a history of bad things happening, or is one of the worst things to happen to a computer. It’s not a technical problem, it’s a problem of how to fix it. It can’t be fixed by anyone.

You may be right, but I am also right, it is just a problem that needs to be fixed by a person who has the right knowledge to fix it.


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