pharmacy tech salary in louisiana

Pharmacy Tech Salary in Louisiana says that in the United States, Pharmacy Techs earn $61,931 per year, while in Louisiana, Pharmacy Techs earn $57,931 per year.

It’s a bit of a stretch to compare the three states, but I think it’s a reasonable comparison. In Louisiana, Pharmacy Techs are often considered to be the “skilled” workers because, you know, they’re in tech. In Michigan, Pharmacy Techs are considered to be the “unskilled” workers because they’re in nursing. In Arkansas, Pharmacy Techs are considered to be in the “unskilled” category because they’re in retail.

This is one of those instances where I wish there was more education in the states. I mean, I know that you can go to nursing school to become a pharmacy tech, and most people can get a degree in retail or even a bachelor’s degree in nursing, but I wish it was as easy to get a degree in pharmacy tech in Louisiana as it is to get a degree in nursing in Michigan, or even a degree in pharmacy school in Arkansas.

Well, that’s probably true. But I think we could do a lot worse than being able to go to pharmacy school right here in Louisiana. That state has some really good programs, and one of them offers the pharmacy techs job in retail.

I think it is a very interesting concept to have pharmacy tech jobs in Louisiana. Like in Wisconsin, we are not allowed to put a pharmacist in a retail store. That is because the pharmacy techs have to be licensed and have a license to operate a retail store. A lot of our current retail pharmacy jobs are done by our pharmacists who are not licensed.

You can get a pharmacy tech job for a few hundred dollars. But you have to be licensed. Also, you need to be licensed. And I think that’s why this movie’s title is so much better than the rest of the movie.

In addition to pharmacy tech jobs, your job as a pharmacy tech is to help you with your pharmacy’s online presence, which is also what you do as a pharmacist.

Pharmacy techs earn a lot of $80,000 a year, but most of the jobs are in the $30,000 to $40,000 range. The pay is not bad, but it’s nowhere near the highest salary we can make. We don’t have to take a test and all the paperwork just to get licensed. Most states don’t require it, but you can check with your state to see if it is.


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