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I have seen and thought I could do it myself. The best way to remove is to remove the website itself. This way, you can find the link on the other site and go to the other site as well.

Well I used to know what I was doing when I created and I have removed it quite often in the last year. I don’t think I’m doing it correctly anymore though, so if anyone else has this problem and would like to see if he can remove, let me know.

In order to remove, you have to do it yourself because is an open website that is available to anyone who wants to use it. The only people who can use it to get to are owners themselves. is owned by one of the founders of, and so it has to be removed by owners themselves. But how can you tell? The only way you can tell is to go to and go to the “My Profile” section and see if you can see If is already showing up in your profile, you can’t remove it.

Technically, is owned by a different company called TechConnect Software, which is in turn owned by But it’s easy enough to find in the My Profile section of

If is not already showing up in your profile, you can still remove by going to the My Profile section of, clicking the My Profile icon, and selecting “Show details.” If you see listed there, click the “Remove” link.

If you look at, you will see that the site name has been replaced with the words “TechConnect.” That’s not a problem because we’d like to see appear in our profile as well. But how to remove is a little more confusing (the instructions are not very clear). You can start by going to the My Profile section of and clicking the Remove link.

If you want to remove, you have two options. If you want to remove at the same time, you can use the Remove link to remove the whole site, or you can just remove the link and the site is gone forever.

The other option is to completely remove from your profile page. You can just remove the link, or you can delete the entire site and leave alone. is like a personal blog for tech lovers. It gives you a place where people can share their latest tech-related posts. If you want to remove, you can just remove the link, but you can also just delete the whole site.


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