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I’m sure this is no longer the case. I can’t tell you how many people, especially tech professionals, have been scammed by people who are not qualified.

Technology, in general, is one of the biggest scams in the world. It’s the biggest money-losing scam. Not only are the people who make the technology that makes this possible very rich and famous, they are also extremely wealthy. But, because of this scam, most people who have the means to buy a computer, or any other expensive item, have no idea how to get it repaired.

In the case of this particular scam, the tech rep who took our money to fix our computer was an acquaintance of ours who was trying to get us to buy him a new PC. We were told that the rep had a lot of experience with hardware repairs and could fix anything we wanted to fix, not that he was a computer repair expert, or he even knew how to repair the computer. This is exactly what the rep told us, and yet here we are.

So, to recap, this guy was the first person who came up to us when we called requesting a replacement PC at a store that we could purchase at on Blackreef. At that time we already had a new computer at home, but the one he gave us was brand new (and cheap) and wasn’t worth the hassle of repairing.

To reiterate, the guy told us he was going to tell us a few things about the electronics inside the new computer, and it turned out that he was actually the guy who was already selling the computer he gave us. He also told us that the computer was brand new and he had no idea why we would have a problem with him giving us a new one, so we decided to ask him some questions.

The first thing he told us is that he has no idea if the computer is going to boot from an SD card or USB drive. He said that the computer’s built-in USB ports aren’t USB ports and that the computer can only use a USB connector on a computer. I told him that we were only looking at the USB ports on the computer and that the computer doesn’t need to have an SD card slot either.

A big reason for this is that most computers that we know have SD card slots now are usb-only devices. There is no point having an SD card slot on a computer if you can use the computer only with a usb-only connection. This is something that we’ve seen in the past and it makes sense in this case.

There is also the issue of compatibility. If the computer had a USB port, then people would have to have a computer with a USB port that works with the computer theyre buying. But if you can buy a computer with an SD card slot, then you dont need the computer with a USB port.

Of course, the whole point of a USB port is that you can plug in a usb-only device. But there are people who prefer to plug in their gaming machines into a usb-only device. Thats one reason why a lot of the older computers have just had a USB port, but the people who buy new computers don’t have that option.

I see this happening with the computer theyre buying: Its easier and cheaper to buy a computer with a USB port. But if they dont have a USB port, they wont be able to use the computer even if it were cheaper. Its a win-win situation to both the buyer and the seller. Of course, I dont know if its the case with all computers, but my guess is that most people with computers do.


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