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I never knew this, but I’ve seen a lot of hotels and resorts in all different types of climates. The weather, the city, and the people are all changing constantly. The question is how do you find hotels that are similar but give you the comforts of staying in a place that is different but still the same.

The answer for me is to look for hotels in an area where I can still stay and just switch my room for a hotel that is close to home. The reason being is that by staying in a hotel that is close to home you can have the comforts of staying in a place that is different, yet you still have the overall feel of the place that is still the same. For example, the feeling of a hotel where you have the same amount of space as your room.

I’m going to expand on this a bit. There’s a hotel that’s in a different part of the city than my home, but it’s still the same hotel. The reason being is that the hotel is closer to my home, thus it’s comfortable and my apartment is close to the hotel, but it’s still a different hotel.

When you go to a hotel its because its closer to your home. This means that you can get the same services, like the same place to sleep, the same room service, the same restaurants and bars, etc. The key is to also look at the other parts of the hotel. Are the bathrooms the same? Do they have the same view? The same decor and style? If you know that the hotel is going to be the same, then its more comfortable.


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