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Jimmy Hubert is a nationally recognized computer systems designer and entrepreneur who is known for his work with the IBM Watson computer.

Hubert has been known to sell his work to top tier universities who want to make their systems better. This often means that Hubert is working on the product of the year or has a patent on something they can use.

When it comes to technology, Hubert is a bit like the late Steve Wozniak, who has a ton of patents on things that are incredibly useful. But he’s also a bit like his father, who made it to the top of the company ladder but was also a bit of a loner and seemed to enjoy playing pool.

Hubert has been at the top of his game in one way or another since he started working for Microsoft where he was the head of Microsoft’s Research division. But as his father once put it so well, “It’s never enough.” He’s worked on all sorts of things, including the development of a new version of the MSN Messenger.

He seems to have a bit of a chip on his shoulder, as he was the guy who got Steve Ballmer to take a sabbatical so he could work on his own inventions. And like his father, he was a bit of a loner who kept to himself and didn’t participate in the company culture. But he did keep a bit of a blog where he was very active and wrote about his inventions and the things he did outside of work.

Jimmy Hubert is pretty much the poster child for the whole self-promotion thing. He is one of the highest paid developers at Microsoft and has been the primary face of Windows since the start. When we went over to his blog to find out more about his invention, we were surprised to see that he had also built one of those thing called a “dumb phone” (which was a Windows Phone, which I suppose wasn’t surprising).

The thing that shocked me the most was the fact that he was able to build a phone with just one button, but he used to be a programmer. I mean, that kind of says something about his skills and abilities.

For someone who was the primary face of Windows until the launch of Microsoft’s Windows Phone, Ive never heard of jimmy hubert. Ive always assumed that he was a software engineer, and that he had a Ph.D. in software. However, after our visit to his blog, I dont think Ive ever seen him use his laptop to write code.

He did that while making a $100,000 donation to one of the most powerful software developers in the world, and he was the first one to do it. The rest of the post is about the most detailed and detailed of his work.

In case youre wondering, jimmy hubert is a brilliant software developer. And he is a genius. You can check out his blog for more information on his work.



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