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This is a prescription medicine, and it is available over the counter in more than 20 countries. The active ingredient is promethazine, which is a drug-class drug used to treat a range of disorders, including anxiety, panic, and depression.

The promethazine drug is often prescribed for use on patients with insomnia or other sleep disorders. Promethazine is also sometimes prescribed to treat a variety of conditions including alcohol and drug abuse, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and schizophrenia. You can usually find it over the counter in most pharmacies.

It’s hard to say whether promethazine is better than Adderall for treating anxiety and ADHD, because the drug is often prescribed as a combination. Adderall is a combination of amphetamine and methylphenidate (Ritalin), which is used to treat ADHD. The combination has been found, in some studies, to be more effective than promethazine alone.

Unlike the other drugs, promethazine does not have a long half-life. It’s recommended as a first line in treatment of anxiety and ADHD, but there are no studies that show it to be better than Adderall. It has a mild sedating effect, and like Adderall it can cause some confusion at first. However, it is usually more effective than Adderall for managing ADHD.

At least that was my understanding. Unfortunately, there is no study that shows promethazine to be any more effective at managing ADHD than Adderall.

It is not uncommon for people who take promethazine to become dependent on it. For some it is helpful for managing ADHD, and for others it can be a problem. I would not worry about that because it is not a drug that causes psychosis.

If you have a mental health concern that you need to talk to a psychiatrist to understand what is going on then you should consult a psychiatrist. This is a very good point. It is more helpful for the mental health person than it is for someone who is a psychotic, and the reason for this is that people who are mentally ill simply have no way of knowing that someone is having a psychotic episode.

You could argue that a good therapist should have been able to provide you with the answers you need and be able to help you deal with mental health issues. But if you want to have contact with a therapist, you can contact a professional. This is a pretty bad idea.

Psychotherapy is a lot like a doctor who is a doctor and a lawyer who is a lawyer. You shouldn’t get too involved with someone if they aren’t going to be useful to you. Like, even if you’re a psychotic, you don’t think you need a psychologist. You need a doctor.

I mean, I think that a therapist would be great at providing you with the answers you need. They would, however, be unable to provide you with the answers that you need, or even be willing to help you deal with mental health issues. You shouldnt take a medication on your own to deal with your problems. You should get your therapist.



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